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To be able to respond to and manage criticisms of how a case has been handled by an assigned lawyer, the Consumer Disputes Board of the Bar Association established on January 11, 2016. This body shall investigate disputes between consumers and lawyers or law firms regarding services provided by lawyers or law firms. Consumer is a physical person who acts outside the business and profession. The procedure for solving a case where the client is dissatisfied with how the attorney has provided the service shall first try to resolve the dispute in writing, between lawyer and client. The Consumer Disputes Board may reject an application if the client contacts the board without first contacting the lawyer or law firm.

If there is an ongoing case with the lawyer's insurer, the matter must first be resolved within the framework of the insurance agreement before the client can seek help from the Consumer Disputes Board. The board may declare the case dormant if an application is made before the matter has been concluded with the insurer. If the dispute cannot be resolved in agreement, the client may turn to the Consumer Disputes Board in writing. It must take place within one year after a complaint has been made in writing to the lawyer or the law firm. Defendants are required to participate in the Consumer Trial Board's investigation. The case is not reviewed by the Board if it is being dealt with or resolved by the court.

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